Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy of the visitors is our major concern here at

None of the information obtained by visitors through any means are used or served anywhere. All the information obtained from user such as browser information, number of visits, demographic information and ipaddress are logged and is used for improving the user experience and quality of the website by administrator. No information obtained by user is given to, or sold anywhere. may ban any user or delete any comment or content submitted by the visitors if it is detected as spam or unethical. do not provide any tolerance to spammers. may ban any ip address if detected as spam or suspicious.

Any comment or content submitted to will be held for approval by admin of the website before being published. might use some third party vendor to server advertisement on the website which uses the cookie information for serving relevant ads on various pages. have no control over information’s which are used by third party advertisement partner to serve ads on

Privacy policy at can change or upgrade at any point of time without any prior notice to protect the interest of the website and its viewers. The most recent privacy policy can be viewed by visiting Privacy Policy page.

For more information or to contact us for further Queries please visit About us page or email us at  support[at]