PIC18F4550 - LCD display jhd162a ( 2x16) Interface

PIC18f4550 Interface with LCD - ( jhd162a 2x16 LCD Display )

Project : Display control on a LCD (jhd162a )


  • jhd162a LCD
  • PIC18f4550

Here in this project the running display of the screen is been controlled by a PIC18f4550 board which is interfaced to jdh162a lcd. jdh162a lcd is very easily available in any electronic shops. The Video below shows LCD interface with my USB board .

Watch this Video Carefully. The Display on the Screen is controlled by a small software written on C# , which communicates through a USB cable to pic18f4550 which is interfaced to jhd162 a LCD. The display commands from Computer finally is Displayed on jhd162a LCD with Some set of LCD string commands (c#). The base firmware loaded on PIC18f4550 which is written by MPLAB IDE and HI-TECH C Compiler.

Computer > USB > pic18f4550 > JHD16 2a LCD Display

Uploaded by on Jan 20, 2012 on youtube

Its a small demonstration of a jhd 162a lcd, jhd 16 2a is a small 2x16 character lcd ,with PIC18F4550 microcontroller . http://www.rakeshmondal.info/

jhd162a lcd with pic18f4550 microcontroller
PIC18f4550 with LCD jhd16 2a







JDH 162a

jhd162a is 16 pin LCD display which can be easy interface to projects to provide a cool display. Its cheap and and can be found in any Electronic shop very easily. More information you can refer DATA Sheet For jhd162a .

-In Indian money it costs around 200 Rs. (3-4 $) .

-2x16 Character Display

jhd162a , Rakesh Mondal , rakeshmondal.info
jhd162a lcd with pic18f4550 microcontroller (USB Control)







Thanks For watching The Firmware and C# software with Complete Coding details with Step by step Tutorial will be posted here very soon.

Rakesh Mondal