lm386 amp Audio Amplifier

LM386 IC Audio sound Amplifier home made schematic and circuit diagram

Small Audio amp using LM 386 IC

This is simple and Small Audio power Amplifier project that you can make at home easily. We will make this project using a Small lm386 IC which is a 8 pin IC. You can make your own tiny simple amplifier using this lm386 IC. Due to its small size lm386 is perfect for various projects like radio amp, tiny Guitar amp amplifier.

It supports various range of supply voltage, 4V - 12V or 5V - 18V. The Audio amplification Gain can be adjusted. You can find the schematic and other additional components below. If you are planning on some hobbyist projects which includes sound systems, then amplification can be handled by this lm386 audio amp. There are many schematics available on internet based on lm386, so you can change the components based on your requirements in the schematic.

The gain is adjusted with a potentiometer. You will need an external power supply for this amplifier. Since the voltage supply can be in between 5V - 18V so you can use batteries.

This schematic was given to me by my professor, while working on an audio system in lab for some project long time ago. Hence I am sharing with you. Please don’t mind for my hand drawn model of this amplifier schematic.

Requirements for Amplifier

Components Value Quantity Notes
Resistance 22K 1 -
Resistance 1R5 1 -
Capacitor 10uf 1 Between Pin 1 and 8
Capacitor 100n 1 -
Capacitor 330u 2 -
IC LM386 1 Amplifier


lm386 schematic for Audio Amplifier


lm386 pin diagram

lm386 pin diagram for amplifier








lm386 on breadboard

lm386 amp audio amplifier circuit

Power amplifiers are something which converts low voltage input to high voltage output; hence this audio amplifier amplifies the low voltage audio into high output. During my college days I wanted to make a small audio power amp that you can put in your pocket and tune up sound in headphone hence I used this IC. For more specifications on lm386 you can refer the data sheet. A short Google on lm386 must let you to various data sheets for the same. Please refer the lm386 data sheet before changing components.

The voltage gain can be adjusted by adding a potentiometer across pin 1 and 8. Choose the speakers according to your requirement. I suggest keep gain to as low as zero when you done with schematic and then gradually tune up the potentiometer to avoid the speakers to damage. (if speakers you choose are not powerful enough). A pretty powerful amp with a low voltage battery.

PS: Just in case if you are doubtful then, pin 7 is unused pin in the IC.


lm 386 amplifier small project for audiolm 386 amplifier project picture circuit






lm 386 Audio Amplifier project

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