Rakeshmondal.info is an engineering website and all information here are shared after thorough testing. However Rakeshmondal.info do not claim that all the information are 100% accurate and correct. The Information here can be used only as a reference or overview. There is always a possibility of development and hence rakeshmondal.info intents for improvement to make the contents more understandable and user-friendly.



Most of the pictures shared on the website are taken either from mobile device or from a Kodak camera. It is deeply regretted if some of the pictures are not of high clarity. Please note that some pictures shared on rakeshmondal.info such as pin diagrams are snapshots from the datasheets from respective manufacturers which are free to download from the manufacturer’s website.

Also some images are snapshot from the images from Eagle Circuit Designer (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor) hence there is a possibility that images may appear same as the pin diagrams in EAGLE is same for all its users.

You may find some of the images here shared on various other websites such as Wikimedia. All those images were shared from rakeshmondal.info in the past. (Before the commencement of rakeshmondal.info).


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