www.rakeshmondal.info was founded on 2nd October 2012 by Rakesh Mondal. Rakeshmondal.info is an engineering website, But not only for engineers but also for those hobbyist and enthusiast those who are fascinated with various engineering technologies and are at beginners level. Through this website its owner promotes and discuss various engineering technologies in the respective field of computer Software and hardware engineering. The website does not only focuses on microcontrollers and Electronics But also on various coded software. Basically anything related to engineering can be discussed here in future.

Rakeshmondal.info started initially as a small personal website by its owner to help young engineers who are struggling to achieve their small projects by explaining few basics, in - as simple language as possible with proper example, but as mentioned before its no longer for engineering only but also for hobbyist and DIY enthusiast.


Rakeshmondal.info is originally a remake of Rakesh's old website rakeshmandal.info back on year 2010. Which is no longer active, Hence all the articles which were posted on his old website are re-posted here in rakeshmondal.info. RakeshMondal.info is running on open source CMS platform (Content Management System). You might find some of the contents from www.rakeshmodal.info shared on various websites like scribbled.


About Author

Rakesh Mondal is a 23 years old humble Computer Engineer and technology enthusiast from India. Apart from software Programming, Robotics, Electronics, Web Designing on various platforms, and experimenting with various technologies, Rakesh Mondal shares his sheer interest as a hobbyist blogger and technology article writer. His articles and projects focus majorly on Embedded System, Hardware and software Programming in various programming languages on different operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Rakesh Mondal through his websites promotes open source hardware, software and engineering to the world.  Not only the projects and articles but some of the related electronic components, plus their efficiency and use have been discussed here. All the components discussed here belongs to respective manufacturers.

To support the project here with better understanding some explanatory videos are also posted with most of the projects. None of the videos posted here are others shared materials. All the videos embedded and posted here belong to Rakesh Mondal’s YouTube channel.

** Every single project and article on this website had been personally made and tested many times before being published. All the projects have been done by Rakesh Mondal himself on breadboard or PCB, with help of his respective university professors during early stages of learning. Some of the schematic’s here are hand drawn. The picture shared on the website with the corresponding project’s are been taken either from his cellphone or a Kodak camera. It is deeply regretted if some of the pictures are not of high clarity.

In-between the downfall of the first website and launch of second, some of the articles were also shared on various forums and websites where few projects got featured.  Rakesh Mondal continues his pursuit to learn more and make his research and experiments to share with world through Rakeshmondal.info and hence promoting open source hardware and software technology to the world, for engineers, enthusiast or with anybody with interest in the respective field.

Please read the terms and conditions before experimenting with any of the hardware or coded software which has been published on rakeshmondal.info.



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