Identify Anode Cathode of Led ( Light Emitting Diode )

How to Identify the polarity ( cathode/anode) of a LED

LED's or Light Emitting Diode's don’t come with any labeling on it to identify Cathode(-ve,GND) or Anode(+ve). While referring to any schematic involving led's we sometimes get confused with the identification of the terminals. So for identification , led’s comes with a unique way to identify its terminals as Anode or Cathode. Sometime the diode symbol creates confusion too.Identifing a LED's the cathode and anode of a led is very easy by looking inside. I hope the figure below can solve this problem of identification.

Notice the picture carefully and compare it with the LED diode symbol, that should tell which one is –ve and +ve terminal. As they have to be crystal clear to glow so they don’t have any labeling on it , so the only way to know is either to test it with a multimeter or by carefully observing inside the led. The larger end inside the led is  -ve and the shorter one is +ve, that is how we find out the polarity of a LED.



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