IC 7806 Voltage Regulator

IC 7806 Voltage Regulator IC

IC 7806 is a 6V linear Regulator, same as that of IC 7805 as described in my previous post, only this one regulates 6V. As explained before, Voltage Regulators are used to limit the voltage to a particular limit. This IC keeps the output voltage steady at 6 V, the schematic are also same as the circuit design for 7805 in my previous post , the only difference is the IC used in it.

IC 7806 Voltage Regulagtor IC

Due to availability and small sizes its very much of a famous electrical components for various electronics and robotics projects. Like all traditional linear regulators, the major issue with IC 7806 is the power loss. When the input voltage crosses the threshold limit then excess power is liberated as heat, hence results in power loss. If you are looking for an alternative then switching regulators are very much recommended.

FOR more information on specifications of ic 7806 please refer the data sheet (Datasheet IC 7806)


Please refer my previous post for schematic and information on IC 7805 Voltage regulator which ic very much similar to IC 7806. In some kind of circuit board like the one in my previous posts of USB demo Interface boards, it becomes very necessary to limit the voltage input as it may damage the microcontroller , for such situations power regulator plays a major role in limiting the voltage supply to a specific limit. So its one of the small but very important part in projects to save other costly parts.The entire IC-78XX series of chips are used for power regulation. If its IC-7805 then it regulates 5v , if its IC 7806 then it regulates 6v and soon on.

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