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How and Why to use a Buck Switching Regulator

uck DC step down Switching Voltage Regulator, LM2596

Alternative to linear regulator and advantages of Buck Switching DC to DC Step down regulator with basics of handling and using a Step down Switching Voltage Regulator, along with voltage specifications and cautions while using a Switching Regulator. Buck switching voltage regulator DSWY2596 using LM2596

IC 7806 Voltage Regulator

Desctiption: IC 7806 linear Voltage Regulator is used to limit the voltage. Its keeps a steady voltage of 6v .It is one of the most commonly used IC in electrical circuits to maintain a steady voltage and to avoid any fatal damage if the voltage exceeds. It also comes with provision to add heat sink, this linear voltage is similar to IC 7805.

IC 7805 Voltage Regulator

IC 7805 Voltage Regulator IC, Working, Description and Pin out Diagram

Description IC 7805 regulator:
IC 7805 is a 5V Voltage regulator IC that restricts the voltage output to 5V. 7805 comes with provision to add heat sink. The maximum value for input to the voltage regulator is 35V. It can provide a constant steady voltage flow of 5V for higher voltage input till the threshold limit of 35V. If the voltage is near to 7.5V then it does not produce any considerable amount of heat and hence no need for heatsink.