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Download Enable Windows Installer In safe mode

Download and run Enable windows installer in safe mode with networking for installing and uninstalling program.In safe mode by default the windows installer service is disabled.Download and run the File from the ZIP and you will be able to install and uninstall the program in safe mode.

Rony Rakesh Mondal

Rakesh Mondal is a 23 years old humble Computer Engineer and technology enthusiast from India.

PIC18F4550 - LCD display jhd162a ( 2x16) Interface

Project: Interfacing pic18f4550 to a jhd162a LCD module to display character interface display. jhd162a is a 16 pin LCD which is easy to interface and can work in 4-bit mode or 8-bit mode.

USB DC Motor Controller using PIC18F4550

Controlling a DC motor from computer with USB Interface.

This a small project on controlling DC motor with USB pic18f4550 interface board with L293D motor controller for beginners. In robotics and controlling stuffs one of the most basic thing is to control your own applications like DC Motors , Stepper Motors , Servo (with pwm) etc etc,In this tutorial A small application [C#] is controlling pic18f4550 USB interface board with computer, enabling to control my board with keyboard to interface with L293D motor driver.

IC 7806 Voltage Regulator

Desctiption: IC 7806 linear Voltage Regulator is used to limit the voltage. Its keeps a steady voltage of 6v .It is one of the most commonly used IC in electrical circuits to maintain a steady voltage and to avoid any fatal damage if the voltage exceeds. It also comes with provision to add heat sink, this linear voltage is similar to IC 7805.


Voltage Regulator are one of the most important and commonly used electrical component. Voltage Regulators are responsible for maintaining a steady voltage across an Electronic system.