Microcontrollers, Chips, electrical and Digital Components  are very-very sensitive about input Voltage, a slightest increase in the voltage can/may/will damage the component  instantly. Not with just only microcontrollers but most of the commonly used electrical and computers components are voltage specific and sensitive. In such case Voltage Regulation Becomes a mandatory Step for Protection of electrical Circuits.


Voltage Regulator  are one of the most important and commonly used electrical component. Voltage Regulators are responsible for maintaining a steady voltage across an Electronic system. Voltage fluctuations may result in undesirable effect on an electronic system, so to maintaining a steady constant voltage is necessary according to the voltage requirement of a system.

Lets us assume a condition when a simple light emitting diode can take a max of 3 v to the max, what happens if the voltage input exceeds 3v?, of course the diode will burn out. This is also common with all electronic components like, led’s, capacitors, diodes etc.

The slightest increase in voltage may result in the failure of entire system by damaging the other components too. For avoiding Damage by such situations voltage regulators are used.



Some of the most common types of Voltage regulator are IC 78XX series voltage regulators, which is commonly used in many electronic circuits and devices.

IC 78XX series of voltage regulators provide voltage regulation for various levels.

For example

IC 7805 is a 5volt Voltage Regulator, 05 Stands for 5v
IC 7806 is a 6volt Voltage Regulator, 06 stands for 6v

Please refer my next post on “IC 7805 Voltage Regulator Circuit” and “IC 7806 Voltage Regulator” for making your own Voltage Regulator Circuit.

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