LED or Light Emitting Diode based Project tutorial list

PIC18F4550: Blink led with 20MHZ oscillator - XC8

PIC18F4550 for Blinking led using 20MHZ external Oscillator with XC8 Compiler

Blink few simple led using XC8 Compiler and external 20MHz Crystal oscillator on PIC18F4550. Learn about the basics things need to be kept under consideration to avoid issues with __delay_ms or __delay_us in xc8 Compiler.

PIC18F2550 : Blink LED using XC8 Compiler

pic18f2550 microcontroller to blink led with xc8 compiler on linux

Tutorial for Blinking a Simple LED using PIC18F2550 microcontroller using mplabx IDE and XC8 Compiler. This simple tutorial includes two different source codes showing basic ways to program a PIC18F2550 Microcontroller. The source code can be easily modified for C18 Compiler. The project files and source codes are free to download.

PIC18F4550 Tutorial: Blink LED - 2

PIC18F4550 Programming Tutorial , chapter 4 and method 1 for programming

Chapter4: Blink an led using PIC18F4550, Method 2 Header files
This is another tutorial for programming a PIC18F4550 Microcontroller, blinking a simple LED using header files.
My previous tutorial explained about programming pic18f4550 in a direct approach, however this tutorial focuses on the usability of the header files. This article projects another methodology of  pic18f4550 programming. A usual way of coding everything in one file may lead to confusion and it is sometimes hard to check for errors, specially while handling complex coding, hence diving the code in various header files has its advantage. This tutorial explains how to create and use User defined header files with sample code and project. Also it lists some benefits for adapting to such kind of programming habits with a simple example of blinking an led with source code.

PIC18F4550 Tutorial: Blinking an LED

How to blink an led using pic18f4550, Method-1, This article is the third chapter for  learning various methodologies of programming a pic18f4550. Here we will discuss the various blocks of coding and alternatives while programming a pic18f4550.

This simple example of blinking an led is intended to explain few basics things that need to be taken into consideration while  programming a pic18f4550. I have also provided the sample coding with proper description for both mplab ide and mplabx ide.

Simple Flashing / Blinking LED with a 555 timer Circuit

555 timer IC flashing LED with 555 circuit diagram

If you are looking for a Simple circuit to blink a Light emitting diode without complex circuitry, For some small projects or to  impress your friends maybe then probably small and easy circuits with 555 Timer would be a better option to start with, a Simple Blinking circuit. With help of a Small 555 timer chip you would will be able to that just fine. 555 timer is one of a very low cost and basic IC used now a days. You can make it at very easily here.

Identify Anode Cathode of Led ( Light Emitting Diode )

How to Identify the polarity (cathode/anode) of a LED , How to identity the -ve and +ve (cathode anode)polarity of a LED without using multimeter.LED's or Light Emitting Diode's don’t come with any labeling on it to identify Cathode(-ve,GND) or Anode(+ve).So for identification , led’s comes with a unique way to identify its terminals as Anode or Cathode.