How To Share Files and Folders between Ubuntu11.04 (host) and Windows virtual Machine(VirtualBox OSE)

Folder/File sharing between Linux and Windows Virtual Machine


It is been always considered difficult to do networking between Linux and windows machine, this is because we are very much familiar with the operation of windows operating systems, and Linux does not work exactly as windows does.

So naturally everyone faces a bit difficulty with concepts of Linux machine and hence a TAG “NOT USER FRIENDLY” , well I think it is not true , its just because we are not much aware with Linux systems. Many times I have been asked by my fellow mates about, How to share files and folder in-between linux and a windows virtual machine in it, so I have decided to make a simple step by step tutorial for sharing files and folder between windows virtual machine running inside Linux machine.

Steps for File and folder sharing between Linux and Virtual Box OSE ( windows  virtual machine )

At the end of the tutorial i have also included a link for Picture tutorial to do the same, for now lets begin with steps for sharing file and folder between linux and windows virtual machine.



- I recommend to first install VM virtual box guest add-on before continuing. To do so first boot the windows virtual machine which is inside the HOST Ubuntu machine , then click on devices on the upper left corner and then click Install Guest additions (cltl+D) , this will download and install addition into the windows xp virtual machine. Restart your virtual machine after Guest addition is installed.


- Then again click on “Devices “ and then “shared Folders” then click on add folder button, this open you ADD SHARES window then under “Folder Path:” drop down and select “Others” this will open you a window , browse to the folder you want to share (Linux folder) with windows virtual machine . After the folder you want to share is selected Check the “Auto Mount” and “Make Permanent” checkbox and click ok.

- Then restart the your virtual machine. Then under your running windows Virtual machine open “My Computer” then click On “Tools” and finally click “Map Network Drive”. In network Drive mapping window, select the folder you just shared by select the folder path in "DRIVE:" drop down menu , Or  assign the drive name you wish to select (D:,E:,F: .....) under “DRIVE:” and select the folder path in “FOLDER:” and then click finish.

- IF you are not able to find your folder name and path then click on browse button, then expand the “Virtual box shared folder” then expand “\\vboxsvr”  and then select the drive path for the folder  you want to share and then click ok. And you are done.

A new network drive will appear in My Computers and you are done with files and folder sharing.


Now for a picture tutorial for sharing files and folder in between linux and windows virtual machine (xp) click here.

Screen shot

Linux file and folder sharing between linux and windows virtual machine







UBUNTU 11.04 file and folder sharing between linux and windows virtual machine

Thanks for reading
Rakesh Mondal