Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04
 May 2011


Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu is a linux based operating system (debian based), open sourced and completely free . I have got my copy of new Ubuntu 11.04 from "LINUX FOR YOU" magazine - june 2011 issue. LINUX FOR YOU magazine gives really cool version of linux in their every issue.

For new Ubuntu 11.04 , It got really cool, good looking and stable as far as I saw. Please check on to some screenshots below to lookup for the desktop environment. The live version of this Ubuntu 11.04 can be used to get a quick review of this version to evaluate it performance.

During startup as Live CD it takes a bit time then usual , but once it is started it runs pretty good, the desktop environment is basic but still looks good enough. After installation its fast and stable. Without any issue of drivers.

I am running my Ubuntu 11.04 on dell inspiron 15R machine, and it is running pretty fast with no driver issues on my machine. Some versions of Linux gave me trouble with the my wireless device , but Ubuntu 11.04 comes with additional driver support, and hence no trouble with drivers.(Dell Inspiron 15R )



The version of live CD can be downloaded free from their website directy.




Ubuntu 11.04

Linux  UBUNTU 11.04 - home page after installation







Linux UBUNTU 11.04


Linux Linux  UBUNTU 11.04 - home page after installation







Ubuntu 11.01


Ubuntu Linux Terminal

Linux Linux  UBUNTU 11.04 - Terminal







Ubuntu 11.04 Terminal


Ubuntu Control Center

Linux  UBUNTU 11.04 - Control center







UBUNTU 11.04 Control Center


Thanks for reading
Rakesh Mondal