Arduino Uno Development Board

Arduino uno Development board for Embedded and microcontroller development


ARDUINO UNO is one of the open sourced Microcontrollers / embedded development platform for hobbyist and embedded developers by ARDUINO. It is based on Atmega323 Microcontroller. Arduino Uno due to its small size, inexpensiveness and various other features has become very famous platform in between hobbyist and learners.  UNO is one of the Arduino board among the various other products by Arduino SA.

Arduino is easy to code due to its excellently written libraries, hence makes it very easy for anyone to understand and design microcontroller projects.  Arduino has its own IDE and set of libraries that can be downloaded free of cost from its developer website. Arduino IDE is available for various different operating systems such as, Windows, Linux (32 Bit and 64 Bit) and MAC OS X.

Arduino uno is available to be purchased from its manufacturer website or various websites such as EBay, Amazon etc.

Arduino IDE Download Page


No. of Digital Input / Output Pins - 14
No. of PWM pins - 6
No. of Analog Input Pins - 6
Operational Voltage - 5 V
Input Voltage Recommendation - 7-12V

Clock Speed - 16 MHz

Arduino – IDE Download

Arduino uno is a property of Arduino SA. For information please visit Arduino Homepage.


Arduino Uno Development board features and details

Arduino Uno Board side view

Arduino Uno – embedded microcontroller development board top view

Arduino Uno Development board side view

Arduino Uno Board IDE and features

Arduino Uno Development board Features and overview

Note: In India Arduino Uno or Nano can be purchased from or, please read reviews and check carefully before purchasing online for genuine Arduino product.