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Folder/File sharing between Linux and Windows Virtual Machine [Picture Tutorial]

Some times sharing the files in can be difficult in Linux machine with a windows virtual machine. A picture tutorial explaining How to  Share Files and Folders on Ubuntu11.04 with Virtual Box OSE running inside, with a step by step method.

Terminal based Audio/Video Converter - ffmpeg

Terminal based Audio/Video Converter - ffmpeg , ffmpeg is a Linux terminal based audio / video converter

Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu is a linux based operating system (debian based), open sourced and completely free .Ubuntu 11.04 got really cool, good looking and stable.

Clex Terminal Based File Manager

Clex is a terminal based file manager which can be directly used from the linux terminal in text mode.

Linux Terminal Based Audio/Video Player - ffplay

FFplay is a very simple and portable media linux based player using the FFmpeg libraries and the SDL library.

How To Share Files and Folders between Ubuntu11.04 (host) and Windows virtual Machine(VirtualBox OSE)

How To Share Files and Folders between Linux Ubuntu (host) and Windows virtual Machine (Virtual Box OSE) Running inside linux.