Linux Terminal Based Audio/Video Player - ffplay


Terminal based Audio/Video Player - ffplay
 Linux ffplay

FFplay is a very simple and portable media linux based player using the FFmpeg libraries and the SDL library. It is mostly used as a testbed for the various FFmpeg APIs.It gets automatically installed with ffmpeg.

# ffplay mediafile



# ffplay [options] input_file

This will install clex in your linux machine in no time.

To start clex simply type clex in terminal and Alt-q to exit from it.



For Example

# ffplay samplevideo.avi


Main options

-x Display width

-y Force displayed height.

-s Set frame size (WxH or abbreviation), needed for videos which don't contain a header with the frame size like raw YUV.

-an Disable audio.

-vn Disable video.

-ss Seek to a given position in seconds.

-t play <duration> seconds of audio/video

-bytes Seek by bytes.

-nodisp Disable graphical display.

-f Force format.



for eg

# ffplay -nodisp input.avi



Ubuntu 11.04 - ffplay is a linux terminal based player







UBUNTU 11.04 - ffplay audio/ video players


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