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Hi welcome to my personal website. Its a place where I share some of my stuffs with world that include , Electronics , Microcontroller Tutorials , Robotics , Linux and Windows Stuffs, Programming, Hobby Writing, Poetry and Some Articles


PIC18F4550 ADC Stepper Motor Speed Controller

PIC18F4550 ADC tutorial for Stepper Motor Speed Controller

PIC18F4550 based tutorial for Controlling the speed of stepper motor using inbuilt 10 bit Analog to Digital Converter module along with project details, requirements, schematics , source code and Project Files. The Project is compiled with XC8 compiler.

Stepper Motor Speed Control with ADC - Arduino

Stepper Motor Speed controller using ADC with Arduino

A simple project for controlling the speed of a m35sp-8 unipolar stepper motor using Arduino UNO board. The speed is controlled using ADC where a Potentiometer is used an analog input and 10 bit ADC on the Arduino is used as a delay for controlling the speed of the stepper motor steps. Tutorial with source code.

Infrared (IR) Object Detection Module Circuit Using IR LED and Photodiode

Infrared IR Object Detection schematic using  IR LED and Photodiode , IR Sensor Circuit

This project IR Sensor object detection module is quiet easy to make. This circuit here is a low cost / low range object detection IR Sensor module that you can easily make at home using IR sensors. We will use a photodiode and IR LED to make a simple circuit to make Infrared (IR) object detection module. IR led looks like a regular led that you usually see in Television Remote controls.

USB Interface Board Tutorial Using PIC18F4550

USB Interface Board using pic18f4550 microcontroller tutorial

This tutorial project shows the Step 1, Making of the Hardware for a computer USB Interface through pic18f4550 Microcontroller (USB INTERFACE BOARD) which allows to control some device like led, motors and other devices with computer through a USB Interface hardware that we are going to make with easy steps. pic18f4550 usb interface project is Human Interface Device (HID).

How and Why to use a Buck Switching Regulator

uck DC step down Switching Voltage Regulator, LM2596

Alternative to linear regulator and advantages of Buck Switching DC to DC Step down regulator with basics of handling and using a Step down Switching Voltage Regulator, along with voltage specifications and cautions while using a Switching Regulator. Buck switching voltage regulator DSWY2596 using LM2596

PIC18F4550: Blink led with 20MHZ oscillator - XC8

PIC18F4550 for Blinking led using 20MHZ external Oscillator with XC8 Compiler

Blink few simple led using XC8 Compiler and external 20MHz Crystal oscillator on PIC18F4550. Learn about the basics things need to be kept under consideration to avoid issues with __delay_ms or __delay_us in xc8 Compiler.

Interface single and Dual IR Infrared sensor with Arduino and LCD

Interface single and Dual IR Infrared sensor with Arduino and LCD

Interface single and Multiple IR sensors Module with Arduino Uno and have the result Displayed on a Liquid Cristal Display (LCD). This tutorial covers three chapters explaining step by step starting from interfacing single IR sensor, then Dual and Finally an LCD for displaying the status of the Multiple IR sensor simultaneously. The project is comparatively very easy and serves the basics of sensor interface for various applications.  Find the necessary Circuit, schematic, Source code and Project files on the project page.

4 Wheeled Robot Design Basics and Challenges

4 Wheel Drive Robot Differential Steering Design challenges and chassis designing

4 Wheel Robot Design: This article deals with some of the design oriented challenges that come in the way of designing a 4 Wheel Robot that uses Differential Steering for taking turns (left and right) or to make a Complete 360 Degree in-place (pivot) rotation (zero-radius turning). Attention to some basic details can help a beginner to make an efficient robot without loss of much energy and torque.



Projects and Tutorials
USB Interface Board Development Board at home simple

USB InterfaceBoard using PIC18F4550 / Tutorial

Create a cool interface to laptop using USB board to control your devices using pic18f4550.

jdm programmer tutorial

JDM Programmer

Create and Program your Microcontroller with home made JDM Programmer - inexpensive and easy to build at home with a quick schematic.

Infrared IR Sensor Circuit and object detection module schematic

IR Sensor Circuit

This circuit is a low cost / low range object detection IR module that you can easily make at home using IR sensor and photodiode.

PIC18F4550 programming Chapter and tutorial, Source code and tutorial.

PIC18F4550 Programming

A series of programming chapters for a pic18f4550 microcontroller for beginners and learners with proper schematic and coding explained.

Mplab and XC8 Compiler programming tutorial for programming a PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

MPLAB XC8 Compiler

A short tutorial with example source code to program a microcontroller using mplab and XC8 Compiler, with comparison to C18 Compiler.

Interfacing Stepper Motor with USB Interface Board PIC18F4550, USB Stepper Motor Controller.

USB Stepper Motor Driver

A Simple project for Controlling a Simple stepper Motor with USB Interface Board using PIC18F4550, with free software to Control Motor.











Microcontroller electronics and USB tutorials Microcontrollers and Robotics with USB interface

Microcontrollers and projects , PIC18f4550 Board with other Components live

Robots are very much interesting and absolute implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Robots Enhanses the human capability. There are lots of things that need to be learned when someone is new to microcontrollers and robotics. Robotics and microcontrollers both work together side by side.Some detailed tutorials will be provided on programming, loading, executing, circuits and lots more. its really cool if you can make one of yours own. I am not an expert with robot's but I have made couple of small and big robots and here i am here to share the way i made it ,This website is targeted for Berginners for robotics with some basic tutorials.


Microcontrollers and projects , PIC18f4550 Board with other Components live

Microcontrollers are the artificial mind of any intelligent device. Microcontroller is used for storing and executing various codes that instruct to perform various operations. Input from sensors is provided to microcontroller and it responds to the actuators according to the program loaded into the microcontroller. The microcontroller i used in my robot is PIC18F4550 for my USB Interface development Board. A complete tutorial for programming, loading, body design, motion will be provided in my portal as a material for beginners and in, as easy language as possible.


Robotics , electronics , microcontrollers , MPLAB IDE

Apart from Robotic, Electronics and Microcontrollers, this website will also contain some tutorials for basic and advanced computer stuffs.Tips and tricks and some programming stuffs, some basic handy tutorials for computers will be shown here. Along with microcontroller there are some basic things that must be known while programming and loading of the HEX code. These are covered here.



Robotics , electronics , microcontroller
LCD , pic18f4550 , pic18f2550 Microcontroller
Microcontroller and projects , PIC18f4550 Board with other Components live , pic18f , mplab ide