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USB Interface Board Tutorial Using PIC18F4550

USB Interface Board using pic18f4550 microcontroller tutorial

This tutorial project shows the Step 1, Making of the Hardware for a computer USB Interface through pic18f4550 Microcontroller (USB INTERFACE BOARD) which allows to control some device like led, motors and other devices with computer through a USB Interface hardware that we are going to make with easy steps. pic18f4550 usb interface project is Human Interface Device (HID).

PIC18F2550 : Blink LED using XC8 Compiler

pic18f2550 microcontroller to blink led with xc8 compiler on linux

Tutorial for Blinking a Simple LED using PIC18F2550 microcontroller using mplabx IDE and XC8 Compiler. This simple tutorial includes two different source codes showing basic ways to program a PIC18F2550 Microcontroller. The source code can be easily modified for C18 Compiler. The project files and source codes are free to download.

Infrared IR Sensor Interface with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

IR Sensor Interface with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller project - Digital Input

This project demonstrates simple IR sensor Circuit Module interface to a pic18f4550 microcontroller to blink few leds. This project also shows how to take digital input from a pic18f4550 by setting few pins digital hence reading the sensor value as 0 and 1. This is very simple, easy, low cost and inexpensive to make, the IR sensor can be simply replaced by push switches. The source code can be easily modified for various other related microcontroller projects, Find the Digital input Source code, schematics and necessary project files which is coded with Mplab IDE C18 compiler. Mplab X IDE version project also included.

Mplab X IDE Tutorial For blinking an LED and Comparison with Mplab IDE

Mplab X IDE Tutorial with XC8 Compiler

Mplab X IDE is the latest avatar of MPLAB IDE which is much more advance from the older versions. The tutorial here shows some of the key features and advantage of Mplab X with XC8 Compiler and a sample code for blinking a led on a PIC18F4550 microcontroller.  The tutorial here also shows a comparison between the output files (.hex) in between the new and old versions of MPLAB IDE.

PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

PIC18F4550 Microcontroller Datasheet and pinout

PIC18F4550 is one among the advanced and famous Microcontrollers from the microchip technology. PIC18F4550 belongs to pic18f family of microcontrollers. This microcontroller is very famous in between hobbyist and learners due it functionalities and features such as ADC and USB Integration. A typical pic18f4550 comes in various packages like DIP, QPF and QPN. Find the links for various pinout , port settings and datasheet in this article.

Mplab Ide and C18 Compiler configuration

PIC18F4550 Programming Tutorial 2: A brief description for configuring Mplab ide and c18 compiler Toolsuite for the main Mplab project. The tutorial focuses on the main must see guidelines for MPLAB Project settings and configuration before getting started with programming with pic18f4550 to avoid unnecessary troubles which sometimes happens when some basic settings are missed. Find the complete project setting here.

PIC18F4550 Programming and Tutorial Hardware C

PIC18F4550 Tutorial 1: Series of pic tutorials for learning various methodology for programming a pic18f4550 microcontroller with hardware C, enclosed with various chapters providing brief step by step description, examples and coding’s for beginners with microcontroller programming Simplified.

Download links for Microchip Application Library Installer

This page contains various old and archived Download links for microchip application library installer