IC 7805 Voltage Regulator

IC 7805 Voltage Regulator IC, Working, Description and Pin out Diagram

IC 7805 voltage Regulator

Voltage regulator IC's are the IC’s that are used to regulate voltage.

IC 7805 is a 5V Voltage Regulator that restricts the voltage output to 5V and draws 5V regulated power supply. It comes with provision to add heatsink.

The maximum value for input to the voltage regulator is 35V. It can provide a constant steady voltage flow of 5V for higher voltage input till the threshold limit of 35V. If the voltage is near to 7.5V then it does not produce any heat and hence no need for heatsink. If the voltage input is more, then excess electricity is liberated as heat from 7805.

It regulates a steady output of 5V if the input voltage is in rage of 7.2V to 35V. Hence to avoid power loss try to maintain the input to 7.2V. In some circuitry voltage fluctuation is fatal (for e.g. Microcontroller), for such situation to ensure constant voltage IC 7805 Voltage Regulator is used. For more information on specifications of 7805 Voltage Regulator please refer the data sheet here (IC 7805 Voltage Regulator Data Sheet).


IC 7805 is a series of 78XX voltage regulators. It’s a standard, from the name the last two digits 05 denotes the amount of voltage that it regulates. Hence a 7805 would regulate 5v and 7806 would regulate 6V and so on.

The schematic given below shows how to use a 7805 IC, there are 3 pins in IC 7805, pin 1 takes the input voltage and pin 3 produces the output voltage. The GND of both input and out are given to pin 2.


IC 7805

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7805 Voltage Regulator IC for regulating voltage to 5v


IC 7805 Schematic


Introduction to voltage regulator | Description voltage regulator:-

Voltage Regulator is one of the most important and commonly used electrical components. Voltage Regulators are responsible for maintaining a steady voltage across an Electronic system. Voltage fluctuations may result in undesirable effect on an electronic system, so to maintaining a steady constant voltage is necessary according to the voltage requirement of a system.

Let us assume a condition when a simple light emitting diode can take a max of 3V to the max, what happens if the voltage input exceeds 3V ?, of course the diode will burn out. This is also common with all electronic components like, led’s, capacitors, diodes etc. The slightest increase in voltage may result in the failure of entire system by damaging the other components too. For avoiding Damage in such situations voltage regulator are used for regulated power supply.


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IC 7805

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