My First Post

First Step

Hello friends this is my first post. Journey of 1000 miles begins with one, well this one is mine. I hope you all will like my website and I will try my best to make it more useful and resourceful. This website ain't just my personal portal but also I intend to make it more as a resource base intended to provide and share and exchange information. I had a keen interest in robotics and electronics apart from my main stream as Computer science engineering.

I will be very honoured if the information’s in this website turns out to be useful. Robotics is more of hobby for me, I will share everything I have learned while experimenting, researching and reading books for hours. During those stages I found that more of the material available are either very hard to understand or incompletely explained or not explained at all. So I intend to provide as much as detailed and in as much easy language I can. I am not an expert but whatever I have learned, will be explained here.

"Everybody is or was a learner at the beginning"

Rakesh Mondal