IR Circuit Diagram

Infrared (IR) Object Detection Circuit using IR Led and Photodiode

Infrared IR Object Detection schematic using  IR LED and Photodiode , IR Sensor Circuit

This project IR Sensor object detection module is quiet easy to make. This circuit here is a low cost / low range object detection IR Sensor module that you can easily make at home using IR sensors. We will use a photodiode and IR LED to make a simple circuit to make Infrared (IR) object detection module. IR led looks like a regular led that you usually see in Television Remote controls.

Interface single and Dual IR Infrared sensor with Arduino and LCD

Interface single and Dual IR Infrared sensor with Arduino and LCD

Interface single and Multiple IR sensors Module with Arduino Uno and have the result Displayed on a Liquid Cristal Display (LCD). This tutorial covers three chapters explaining step by step starting from interfacing single IR sensor, then Dual and Finally an LCD for displaying the status of the Multiple IR sensor simultaneously. The project is comparatively very easy and serves the basics of sensor interface for various applications.  Find the necessary Circuit, schematic, Source code and Project files on the project page.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity senor types such as Infrared Proximity, Magnetic Proximity and Ultrasonic proximity sensor

What is a Proximity Sensor? How to use and build a proximity sensor ? The article explains various application, uses, working and various types of proximity sensors such as Infrared, magnetic and ultrasonic proximity sensor. A prototype of Infrared proximity sensor and its interface with a PIC microcontroller is also included as example for better understanding.

Infrared IR Sensor Interface with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

IR Sensor Interface with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller project - Digital Input

This project demonstrates simple IR sensor Circuit Module interface to a pic18f4550 microcontroller to blink few leds. This project also shows how to take digital input from a pic18f4550 by setting few pins digital hence reading the sensor value as 0 and 1. This is very simple, easy, low cost and inexpensive to make, the IR sensor can be simply replaced by push switches. The source code can be easily modified for various other related microcontroller projects, Find the Digital input Source code, schematics and necessary project files which is coded with Mplab IDE C18 compiler. Mplab X IDE version project also included.