TQFP PIC18F45550 Robot Platform (Bot Board)

A homemade PIC18F4550 TQFP Robot development board for experimenting and testing, it provides easy interface with various sensors and components. It is like a prototype board where you can test your awesome codes and ideas, without building the bot from scratch.

TQFP PIC18F4550 Custom ICSP Board

PIC18F4550 TQFP Custom ICSP board

Building and setting up TQFP ICSP adapter board with right alignment to PIC18F4550 TQFP Base microcontroller board. A test board which allows to Code the microcontroller and test the Pins.

PIC18F4550 TQFP Experiment | Breakout board

PIC18F4550 TQFP Experiment board | Rakesh Mondal

Experiment with TQFP PIC18F4550 – 44 Pin package, Building and etching custom breakout board. Setting configuring and designing.