Motor Driver

PIC18F4550 ADC Stepper Motor Speed Controller

PIC18F4550 ADC tutorial for Stepper Motor Speed Controller

PIC18F4550 based tutorial for Controlling the speed of stepper motor using inbuilt 10 bit Analog to Digital Converter module along with project details, requirements, schematics , source code and Project Files. The Project is compiled with XC8 compiler.

Stepper Motor Driver using PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

Stepper Motor Driver tutorial using PIC18F4550 Microcontroller , PIC18F4550 stepper Motor interface

A Tutorial for interfacing Stepper Motor with pic18F4550 microcontroller. The Projects shows a simple stepper motor interface with two examples of source code, demonstrating various modes of stepper motor stepping along with detailed logic diagrams and circuitry. The project is posted with necessary schematic, description and project files for download.

Stepper Motor Driver Schematic

Schematics for Driving a Stepper motor using PIC18F4550 Microcontroller and ULN2003. The source Code posted here is used to drive a single 5 wire bipolar stepper motor.

Stepper Motor Drivers and Tutorials

Stepper Motor Driver and controller tutorial collection for beginner

Collection of Stepper Motor Drivers and Controller, Projects and Tutorials with complete source code, circuit diagram, description and Schematics for beginners.

USB Stepper Motor Driver

USB Stepper Motor Driver, PIC18F4550 USB Stepper Motor Controller

This project shows how to drive and control a Stepper Motor using a USB Interface. It is controlled via USB interface where small software running on the computer can control the stepping sequence of the stepper motor connected over USB. The stepping sequence and delay between the stepping sequence can be controlled easily with software. USB Stepper Motor Driver project is inexpensively easy to make and can be easily modified to run various types of stepper motor. The project is posted with necessary schematic, description and project files.

Motor Driver Eagle Schematic

Motor controller Driver Schematic in Eagle ( layout designer) . Find and download the the Schematic for single motor interface , DC motor.

L293D Motor Driver IC

L293D Motor Driver IC controller working and description with pin configuration

L293D Motor Driver IC

L293D, is a Motor Driver IC which allows the motor to drive on either direction. L293D is a 16-pin IC which can control a set of two DC motors simultaneously in any direction. It means that you can control two DC motor with a single L293D IC.The l293d can drive small and quiet big motors as well, Check the Voltage Specification at the end of this page for more info along with a sample project and L293D IC Logic Description.

USB DC Motor Controller using PIC18F4550

Controlling a DC motor from computer with USB Interface.

This a small project on controlling DC motor with USB pic18f4550 interface board with L293D motor controller for beginners. In robotics and controlling stuffs one of the most basic thing is to control your own applications like DC Motors , Stepper Motors , Servo (with pwm) etc etc,In this tutorial A small application [C#] is controlling pic18f4550 USB interface board with computer, enabling to control my board with keyboard to interface with L293D motor driver.